Posted on November 28, 2011 – 6:40 pm | By Amparo García

And your game, what classification does it belong?

The Rating Board Entertainment Software (ESRB) with the CTIA (Wireless Trade Association) this week will present a classification system for mobile phones, they try to standardize the difference methods. While Xbox and Play Station already use these levels and work with them, Apple, Google and Microsoft don’t. They have to make an effort to convince them that the standard is the best. It is difficult because IOS and Android already have their own classifications:


Android IOS
4+: All Ages Children: If they ask to use our location.
9+: May contain moderate violence and adult themes, not suitable for under 9 years. Youth: If you can share or publish your location with other users, plus references to alcohol, drugs or snuff.
12+: Add to the above simulated gambling Mature: If their focus on alcohol, drugs or snuff
17+: High sexual or violence content All Ages: The other ones.
Note: Parents have tools to block the levels they consider inappropriate Note: If the developer does not qualify the app or game, by default it will be classified as mature.


As if not thrive in his attempt, they have develop an alternative plan, which is an application to provide these classifications by entering the name of the application or game you want to identify.


We will inform of the development of agreements and classification systems.

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